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Message from the president Take on the challenges of a new field at Rokko Associates. We provide an environment where you can fully demonstrate your skills in Japan as a specialist in construction management at U.S. military bases. Yoichi Nagae President and CEO

Rokko & Associates stands behind its corporate expression, “Ever-changing DNA.” My own policy as the construction manager is not to have a corporate philosophy. That's because once you have one that's fixed, you end up repeating it in your thoughts, which stops you from thinking independently. I feel that not having a corporate philosophy is better for the ability to look ahead constantly and take on challenges. Instead of expounding on a far-reaching vision, I believe my responsibility is to ensure that our financial, marketing and technological capabilities meet the needs of the times and that we stand prepared with a management base that can immediately respond to changes in the environment.

Rokko was founded in 1949 as a company primarily engaged in public works projects. Today private sector engineering work such as residential projects and projects for the U.S. military in Japan have become the major pillars of our business. Engineering work for the military, in particular, accounts for 15% of our sales and has grown into the second pillar of our business after residential projects. At Rokko we make no distinction between global and domestic, and I intend to push even harder to promote businesses where our capital and accumulated expertise can be put to good use in Japan and abroad.

With respect to human resources, we are seeking individuals with specialized skills that meet the construction management needs for projects at military bases. These projects require the acquisition of various qualifications administered by the U.S. military, procurement of materials from the U.S. and engineers qualified to meet U.S. standards. Although the work is for the military, it's also an extension of our business in Japan, so some ability to communicate in Japanese is needed. That's why we provide Japanese language training and practical skills training for new employees, which helps them to adjust smoothly to living in Japan so that they can pursue their work.

Rokko currently employs people from Indonesia, China and the Philippines who are engaged in construction management for projects related to U.S. bases. We offer the same terms of employment that our Japanese employees receive and all employees are rated under the same personnel evaluation system. We provide an environment where foreign nationals can fully demonstrate their skills in Japan. And we eagerly await individuals seeking to hone their professional skills and demonstrate their abilities in this new field offered by Rokko. I sincerely hope you will spend many years working at Rokko & Associates.